Summer Programs

Registration Closed

We are happy to announce our summer programs open to students everywhere! Our offerings are starting online, but as Covid-19 restrictions change we can transition to in-person small classes and private lessons at the student’s request.

Individual session times are mutually scheduled between June 1st and August 15th by the teacher and students.

We hope these creative options will keep you playing all summer or spark a new interest. Beginners are welcome and if you don’t see a topic you want to explore just let us know and we’d be happy to create a program of study for you!


Private Lesson Packs

Online 30- and 60-minute private lessons are available for students of all ages and playing levels.

  • 30-Minute Lessons
  • Five-Pack   $175
  • Eight-Pack   $240
  • Eleven-Pack   $330

  • 60-Minute Lessons
  • Five-Pack   $300
  • Eight-Pack   $480
  • Instruments
  • violin
  • fiddle
  • guitar
  • cello
  • viola
  • mandolin
  • banjo
  • ukulele

Online Classes

Online classes are available for one hour each week over eight weeks for $160. Classes are limited to five students. The following classes are available this summer.

Adult Fiddle with Bob Culver

Join Fiddling Bob each week for an hour of fun fiddle tunes. Learn classic fiddle tunes from Old Time, Irish and Bluegrass traditions. Meet friends that want to jam. A little violin experience is needed, but not a whole lot!

Song writing with Madelyn Sovern

Suitable for intermediate guitar and ukulele students wishing to explore developing chord progressions, lyric writing and melodic composition. Great for students wanting to explore their creativity.

Improvisation for Violin with Madelyn Sovern

Suitable for intermediate to advanced players, we will explore a wide variety of key signatures, scales, modes and chord progressions in order to become more fluent in improvisation.

Music Theory Made Fun with Hazel Ketchum

Ever want to start from the beginning? Ever want to understand what all this music theory is about? This class is for musicians who really want to know what is going on with all those chords and scales. Hazel will demystify music theory in this class for all ages and levels.

The Art of Jamming with Hazel Ketchum

In this class you will learn the repertoire and etiquette of jamming in traditional music styles. If you can play a couple of tunes, songs or chords this class is for you. Even while we social distance we can get ready for festivals and jams next year!

World Music Club with Owen Grooms

All across the world, there are many beautiful and vibrant musical traditions, many of which are unknown to most of us in the world. In the time-honored format of a book club, we will all dive into one album from a different area of the world each week, and then discuss it together online in a Zoom meeting. Some places we may visit while actively listening to the albums we discuss include: Cape Verde, Indonesia, Brazil, India, and Mali.

How Culture Influences Music with Norm Malenke

During this eight-week interactive Zoom course, the cultural influence on certain composers and pieces/songs within the classical and folk music genres will be examined. Several weeks will also be devoted to the study of how folk music has become entrenched within classical music. The backgrounds of selected composers/song writers will be examined and several of their works will be listened to and discussed in depth.

Transitioning to In-person Lessons and Classes

Currently Coronavirus Covid-19 social restrictions are in place. As these guidelines continue to change in the coming months, we want to remain flexible and safe. We believe parents, students and teachers will make decisions regarding transitioning to an in-person setting based on their own safety assessments.

If and when we transition to in-person meetings, we will follow the guidelines established by the NC Health Department and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We will monitor the number of cases in our county to assure we are doing the responsible thing. Finally, we will ask for a waiver for all in-person classes.