Fall Programs

We are happy to announce our fall programs open on September 14th to students everywhere! The Fall offerings include private lessons (online or in-person), group lessons, and music exploration classes.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered online or in-person. Meeting times are mutually scheduled between the teacher and students between September 14th and December 17th. Payment is made by purchasing Private Lesson Packs, available in a six- or 12-lesson packs. Be sure to indicate your instrument and teacher when registering.

Online 30-minute private lessons are available for students of all ages and playing levels.

  • Lesson Packs
  • 6-Pack   $190
  • 12-Pack   $370

  • Instruments
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Guitar
  • Instruments
  • Ukulele
  • Mandolin
  • Banjo
  • Piano

Group Lessons

Group classes are offered online over 13 weeks beginning September 14th through December 17th. Meeting days and times are specified in the descriptions below. Tuition is $195.

Violin 1 (Beginners)

Violin 1 is designed especially for the very beginning student. Using our new Mountain School of Strings curriculum, students will learn violin technique, songs, note reading, rhythm, singing and more. These online classes will be scheduled between the teacher and students and include a 15-minunte private lesson and one group lesson per month. We will conclude the semester with a Zoom recital.
Teachers: Madelyn Ilana, Bob Culver and Norm Malenke

Violin 2

Violin 2 is available for continuing students who have had two years of experience.
Teacher: Madelyn Ilana
Mondays 3–4 pm EST

Guitar 1 (Beginners)

Guitar 1 is for very beginning guitarists. In this class students will learn notes and chords. Students will play songs, tunes and learn to improvise. Many styles of guitar will be covered and students will learn to read both tablature and staff notation. Our online classes will be scheduled between the teacher and students and include a 15-minute private lesson and one group lesson per month. We will conclude the semester with a Zoom recital.
Teachers: Bob Culver, Josh Carter and Owen Grooms

Adult Fiddle with Bob Culver

Join Fiddling Bob each week for an hour of fun fiddle tunes. Learn classic fiddle tunes from Old Time, Irish and Bluegrass traditions. Meet friends that want to jam. A little violin experience is needed, but not a whole lot!
Thursdays 5–6 pm EST

Music Exploration Classes

Music exploration classes are offered over a 10-week period beginning September 14th. These classes are offered on-line on the days and times described below. Tuition is $200.

Song writing with Madelyn Ilana

For musicians with basic proficiency on guitar, ukulele, piano/keyboard, or any other instrument you wish to compose on. This series will serve as a creative workshop for musicians who are ready to explore writing their own songs. We will learn some basic concepts of songwriting, and each week will offer creative prompts and an opportunity to share your ideas and compositions with the group!
Mondays 7–8 pm EST

Improvisation for Violin with Madelyn Ilana

This workshop is for intermediate to advanced string players. We will explore a variety of key signatures, musical modes, time signatures, rhythms, and creative styles. This class will surely expand your fluency and freedom on your instrument. For those seeking more musical adventure!
Wednesdays 4:30–5:30 EST

Music Theory Made Fun with Bob Culver

Ever want to start from the beginning? Ever want to understand what all this music theory is about? This class is for musicians who really want to know what is going on with all those chords and scales. Bob will demystify music theory in this class for all ages and levels.
Thursdays 4–5 pm EST

World Music Club with Owen Grooms

All across the world, there are many beautiful and vibrant musical traditions, many of which are unknown to most of us in the world. In the time-honored format of a book club, we will all dive into one album from a different area of the world each week, and then discuss it together online in a Zoom meeting. Some places we may visit while actively listening to the albums we discuss include: Cape Verde, Indonesia, Brazil, India, and Mali.
Tuesdays 6–7 pm EST

Music and Culture Explorations with Norm Malenke

During this interactive Zoom course, the cultural influence on certain composers and pieces/songs within the classical and folk music genres will be examined. Several weeks will also be devoted to the study of how folk music has become entrenched within classical music. The backgrounds of selected composers/song writers will be examined and several of their works will be listened to and discussed in depth.
Mondays 7–8 pm EST

Instrument Rental

For your violin classes and lessons you will need a suitable instrument that stays in tune, has all four strings, is the correct size and set up so it is playable for the student. Mountain School of Strings has violins to rent for $50 per semester. If we don’t have an instrument for your student, we recommend renting from J. R. Judd Violins.