Mountain School of Strings requires that students each provide their own instrument.

There are many options for obtaining the instrument you’ll need for class, such as:

  • purchasing a new instrument.
  • purchasing a used instrument.
  • renting.
  • borrowing.

Be sure to take the time to evaluate any instrument you consider based on its:

  • quality.
  • affordability.
  • maintenance

If buying or renting isn't an option, Mountain School of Strings has a collection of instruments that can be borrowed at low or no cost. Just ask your teacher or contact us for more information!

Instrument Care During Winter

As the days and nights get colder and you begin heating your home, the air dries out. This places instruments at risk.

When the air is dry, wood expands and can potentially lead to cracks in the wood that result in an expensive repair bill!

To avoid this problem, obtain a humidity gauge and place it close to where the instrument is stored. They cost less than $5. 

The ideal humidity level for instruments is 50%. If you are reading anywhere from 40-60%, then instrument should be safe. Just keep monitoring the gauge ongoing.

If the humidity dips below 40%, you need to add moisture to the air. To do this, place a humidifier in the room where the instrument is stored.

If you don't have the means to obtain a humidifier, you can try keeping a couple wet sponges in the room. This should increase the humidity.

Be sure to never leave your instrument in the car or outside. The elements and changing temperatures can cause serious damages!

Local Retailers

Tempo Music in Hendersonville offers instruments for purchase or rental as well as accessories.

Bernhardt House of Violins in Greenville, SC is an excellent place to rent, purchase, or simply “try out” a stringed instrument.

Online Retailers

Shar Music offers options to purchase or “rent-to-own.”

J. R. Judd Violins is an excellent source for violin rental.

Baroque Violin Shop claims to be the best and one of the biggest rental programs in the country.