About us

Connecting Communities Through Music Education and Performances

Located in Transylvania County, we are committed to providing affordable string music lessons and classes for all who are interested.

We are able to do this through donations and contributions from our generous supporters. 

Research indicates that music education gives children an edge when it comes to self-esteem, personal motivation and even academic success.

Our founder, Ellen Ray Lee, put it best, “There can be no measurement on what music does for the child’s soul and peace of mind.”

Transylvania County sits in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina and is home to the Brevard Music Center. It is an area steeped in music and tradition.

We began life in 2010 as Transylvania Youth Strings to provide youth in this county with the opportunity to learn a stringed instrument. We have grown from a handful of students to over 50 students learning violin, cello, viola, double bass and even playing in an orchestra together.

Our beginner students start with the basics: learning to hold the instrument correctly, tuning, bowing, and note reading.

As they progress, we challenge them with different styles of music, new techniques, and new opportunities to play together. We want our students to learn all kinds of music, from classical to American folk music to rock and everything in between.

Most of our beginner and intermediate (Level 1 and 2) classes are offered after school during the academic year (September to May) at the various elementary schools.

We offer large instrument (bass and cello) classes and our more advanced classes (Level 3 and 4) at our NEW location on the Brevard Music Center campus.

We invite students of ALL ages (including adults) to try our classes!

Check out our class schedule and sign up for a class today!